The Wearable Simulator
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PCS Flex elevates any simulation with added realism and simplified control. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.
PCS Flex for both manikins and standardized patients.
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PCS Flex brings model-driven physiology to your simulated patient encounters. Palpable pulses and blood pressure measurements match the presented physiology, with dynamically customizable lung/heart/bowel sounds. Prescribed treatments will cause the patient's vitals to react automatically based on the model-driven physiology.

Wireless AV

Streaming and recording for live monitoring and debriefing. See and hear your simulations from any device and debrief with video integrated into the PCS user interface. Use live “push-to-talk” to communicate with the simulation participants (or just the SP), whether you are across the hallway or across town.

The most advanced Online Simulation Platform. is cloud-connected, just like all other PCS simulators. Control physiology from anywhere using any device with a browser. Monitor the simulation with live audio and video streaming. Content cross-compatible across all simulation modalities. Create one patient scenario and use it in human, manikin, screen based and VR-based simulation.

PCS Speech

Using the PCS Speech Engine, simulators with PCS Flex Plus have the ability to speak with learners and give scenario-specific answers to over twenty thousand medical interviewing questions.

PCS Transcribe

PCS Flex Plus generates a full transcript of the session using cloud-based speech recognition technology, providing support and quality assurance to both Learners and Standardized Patients. With PCS Transcribe, go beyond recall and channel focus to interpersonal communication. is trusted by leading educational institutions including


PCS Flex
PCS Flex Plus
PCS Flex Pro
PCS Flex
PCS Flex Plus
PCS Flex Pro
Virtual Patient Monitor
Dynamic Haptic Pulses
Heart/Lung/Bowel Auscultation
Blood Pressure Measurements
Wireless A/V Capture
SP Intercom
Advanced Physiology and Treatments
PCS Transcribe
PCS Speech
Additional SmartShirt Tailored for Manikin
Real-time CPR monitoring*
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